Residential Garbage Service

HCD Residential Garbage ServiceWe provide lidded roll carts on wheels in 35, 65 and 95-gallon sizes, specially designed for easy use and efficient service by our automated collection trucks. Place your roll cart out by 6:00am (7:00am within Sisters city limits) on your collection day (or the night before) with the handle toward your house and the lid opening toward the street. Keep four feet of clear space on either side of your cart.

“Carry Out” service, where we empty your cart from anywhere other than the curb, is available at an increased rate. If your garbage needs are minimal, consider our twice monthly or on-call service for the 35-gallon size roll cart. Twice monthly service not available within the Redmond and Sisters city limits.

Please evaluate your container size to ensure you have the correct size to fit your needs.

Lids slightly up, no more than 3 – 4 inches will not incur an additional charge. Lids popped up more than 3 – 4 inches are considered “overfull” and would incur an additional charge.  As well as small or large bags on top of or beside the roll cart will be charged as such.

Please contact our customer service department for rates.


High Country Disposal Service Area: Redmond, Terrebonne, Sisters, Black Butte Ranch and Camp Sherman.