Medical Waste

Medical WasteHigh Country Disposal accepts syringes stored in sharps containers for disposal at our office located at 1090 NE Hemlock Avenue in Redmond. If they are not in sharps containers, we cannot accept them. Cost is $8.05 to dispose of each container.

You can also purchase a sharps container at our High Country Disposal office.

1 quart: $2.70

1 gallon: $5.11

2 gallon: $6.32

For all other medical waste questions, please contact Central Oregon Environmental Services, a division of Bend Garbage & Recycling, at (541) 382 – 2263.

Central Oregon Environmental Services has specially trained personnel for the collection and disposal of medical waste items used in your home or medical office. These materials are handled and disposed of safely and in accordance with state law.


Serving all of Central Oregon.