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High Country Disposal – Supporting “Green”

100 best greenHigh Country Disposal was selected for the third year in a row as one of the Top 100 Best Green Companies to work for in Oregon and placed 62 in the Top 100 list.

Sustainability is an important value and green practices are key to being a great place to work, according to a new survey by Oregon Business Magazine and the survey 100 Best Green Companies project this year.

100 Best Green Companies was determined by an anonymous employee survey and an independent assessment of the employers’ sustainability practices.

The 100 Best Green Companies was determined by satisfaction and importance ratings of sustainability statements from the 100 Best Employee Survey as well as answers to 10 sustainability questions.

The survey included questions on the organization’s support for waste reduction; reuse and recycling; renewable energy and conservation; alternative modes of transportation; use of nontoxic materials; making business decisions based on sustainable values; reducing energy consumption and pollution; and commitment to sustainability as part of the organization’s core business strategy.

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