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City of Redmond FREE Residential Spring Clean Up Event

High Country Disposal will provide free collection of miscellaneous household waste and appliances the week of April 17, 2017. Collection is only for residents within the city of Redmond. 

When and where to set out materials: Collection day will be the same day as regular garbage service, during the week of April 17 – April 21. All materials should be set out by 6:00 am in the same general location as garbage roll carts.

What to set out: Free collection is limited to the following:

  • Four cubic yard of miscellaneous household waste. Please bag all loose items. (Four yards = a regular pickup truck filled to the cab.)
  • Two Appliances. All appliances must be emptied of food, water, clothing, etc.

Keep the above items separated from each other and at least four feet away from roll cart, recycling cart and mailboxes. Material in excess of above limits can be collected for an additional charge.

What not to set out: Items that are not accepted include: TVs, computers, furniture, mattresses, hazardous waste, chemicals, paint, tires, wood stoves, heavy metal objects, toilets, lawnmowers, sod, dirt and rocks.

TVs, computers and monitors, peripherals and printers can be taken to Negus Transfer Station for recycling at no charge.

Questions: Please contact High Country Disposal at 541-548-4984 with any questions. Pick-up after the scheduled event may be subject to charge.

Abie working hard during a previous clean up event.

Abie working hard during a previous clean up event.