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Can Garden Hoses go in your Commingle Recycling Carts?

No, Garden hoses are not accepted in your commingle recycling or yard debris carts. To achieve a successful program, it is important to only include materials that are accepted in your local recycling program. Garden hoses are a contaminant and should go in the trash cart or if it can be reused, donate it to a thrift store.

The yard debris program accepts grass clippings, brush, weeds, plant prunings, pine needles, branches no larger than 2″ in diameter and 36″ in length and raw fruits and vegetable scraps.

If you have any questions about what can and cannot go in your commingle recycling cart or yard debris subscription program, please contact High Country Disposal at 541-548-4984 or visit highcountrydisposal.com

Please click the link to view our HCD Recycling Guide or Sisters Recycling Guide