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25% Off Compost Sale

Take advantage of the 25% off compost sale going on now through Saturday, November 9, 2013.  Pick up your compost at High Country Disposal, located at 1090 NE Hemlock Avenue in Redmond.

Fall Tips – for the fall gardening season, you should plan to top-dress your yard with BioFine compost and mulch your plants with SoilBuilder compost from High Country Disposal. The compost comes from our sister company, Deschutes Recycling.  Compost is an essential ingredient to winterizing your lawn and garden and will help your plants come back healthy and strong after the winter.

Mulching for winter:  Around the time your perennials are dying back for winter and the ground is freezing, you should mulch around your plants with a few inches of SoilBuilder.  For excellent, ready-to-plant soil, till 2-3 inches of compost into beds you will plant the following spring or summer.

Topdressing the lawnApply a thin layer (¼ to ½ inch) of BioFine compost to your lawn in the fall and again in the spring to help build up a good supply of organic matter and nutrients for the next growing season.  If you haven’t done this yet, you will be amazed at what topdressing does for your lawn!

High Country Disposal offers self haul and convenient delivery.  Compost sale not valid on compost bags.  For more information, contact 541-548-4984.